rbt’s carbon-fever -1- design & molds (eng.vers)

 wallpaper by GO.R design 


The carbon-fever casemod is the biggest project i made so far. From the first concepts to the final pictures it took more then 1,5 years. How many hours exactly is hard to assume, but it have to be more then 1000.
The idea was born while i did a traineeship about the processing of reinforced plastics. While thinking about things i could use my new skills for, the first thing that came across my mind, was to build new a case for my pc.


„Keep it cheap and simple“ were the 2 things i had in mind, as i drew my first sketches. It wasn’t planned to turn out that big. So in the beginning, not even a window in the side panel or LEDs were considered as neccessary.

These sketches were made after i set some more preconditions: Use carbon-fibre somewhere, let it base on an old case (inverted atx), mount 120mm/220v fans (2), keep it leightweight, reduced lighting, aircooling only, new mounting for the sidepanels, easy access to hardware.

The coloured sketch was my final concept. If you compare it to the real model, you’ll see that i tried to stick really close to my drawings. Carbon-fibre will cover the whole front and top section, for the side-panels i chose plywood and acryl.


The molds were the first link in the chain. To get the best results i wanted to laminate into negative forms. If i had messed that up, i would have screwed the whole project, so it was better to fail right in the beginning. The positives were cut from cheap styrene foam. Normally it is used to keep buildings warm, but it’s also a great sculpting material and a lot cheaper then „professional“ polyurethan foams.

After filling and sanding,  i spraypainted the forms with high gloss 2k polyester paint for a perfect finish. The 2-compound Paint is essential here, as they have to resist the aggresive solvents in the resin. The negatives will have the same glossy surface as the positives.

2-4 layers of glass-fibre are enough to create strong molds.

After releasing the molds, i could start to laminate the carbon-fibre on the inside.

To keep everything cheap i used this kind of tissue, relativly cheap ( ~20€/m² ), but it´s a little bit tricky to deal with.

The final results speak for themself, i think. Unused parts of the fabric were cut of with a dremel or something similar.

First part ends here … see you soon

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