carbon-fever -2- interior

After the positive-molds were done i couldn’t work fulltime on the fibre stuff, so i used the time while molds and carbon were hardening for some work on the interior of my rig. Like on the outside the main guideline was „clean and simple“. An ordinary paintjob would have been a quite too simple task with unsatisfying results. To cover all the metal parts, styrene seemed to be a good choice. No molds, perfect surface and can be bend when heated.

3,5 and 0,75mm sheets,

an improvised leafbrake…

and you are nearly done.

only a few bits of the original case will stay uncovered.

even the topside got a covering panel

Like on the other panels rubberfeet help to reduce noice of fans oder drives. Most Panels are attached with this M3 hex-screws,

or if possible, i just pinched them.

As seen on the pictures above, i also needed a new HDD-cage. The old one found its way into the trash. It was just too ugly and mounted „inline“ with the rest of the case. My cage is mounted cross to save some space and prevent the cables from hanging in front of the motherboard. Now i can hide the cables under the styrene-panel.

Let´s have a closer look on the cage.

It’s based on 5x25mm aluminium flats. The slots were a hell of a job …

Four of these flats are connected to a x-shaped 3mm sheet, supported by a steelrod on the foreside.

The mounting needed to be manufactured very precisely.

The modifications on the visible upper part of the case are just half of the story. There´s a hidden second layer where all the electronics are located. The Main Power Supply is mounted like in any other case, but i wanted an auxiliary PSU for fans and light + some circuits to control everything. That stuff is mounted on a tray at the bottom of the case.

The tray is also made of styrene and running on telescope-rails

end of part2

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6 Antworten to “carbon-fever -2- interior”

  1. 1 FrooP
    März 29, 2008 um 1:15 pm


    Wie nennt sich das „styrene“ in deutsch und wo kann ich das kaufen, wieiviel kostet der spass.

    Was für kleber hast du verwendet?

    und noch eins, kommst du damit auffe dcmm? 🙂

  2. 2 rbt
    März 29, 2008 um 2:53 pm

    1.Auf Deutsch heisst das Polystyrol (PS), ich habs von Ebay. Das ist der Kunststoff aus dem auch viele Plastikmodelle gemacht sind. Preise …mhh ka ist alles schon so lange her.

    2. Du kannst also auch die normalen Modellbaukleber verwenden ( von Revell zb.).

    3. hoffentlich.

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