By rbt

As long as i can think i consumed audio- and video content via pc, building a htpc was just the next logical step. The System was based on the M10000 board manufactured by via, the most powerfull mini-itx system available that time. But wonderfull little machine hid a big hook, a noisy little fellow with something around 40mm in diameter. Fans with 80 and later 120mm worked a lot better and relativly quiet, but once started with silencing your rig you can’t stop half the way. Satisfaction won’t come until every whirring is eliminated!

In 2005 the Zm80 heatpipe cooler reached the market. Transportating heat via small tubes fascinated me since the first coolers hit the stores and the concept became known to a wider base of people. Apart from some rare samples appearing on ebay from time to time, it was nearly impossible to get some pipes. So the easiest way was to use a zm80 as base for my own project. I was a bit sceptic about the surface of the original and used a big aluminium heatsink from an old amp. instead.

The design had to be extremly simple because i didnt had access to a mill or lath. Everything was planned to be build just with drill, file and a handsaw.

Cpu and north-/southbridge aren’t at the same level, dividing the bottom section in 2 elements seemed to be the easiest way. Luckily i found somebody who could mill the canals into the aluminium, otherwise i would been forced to file …


I know my work wouldn’t get the first price on a beauty contest but it’s functioning very well. Even when treated with ambient temperatures around 40° C, the rig is rockstable

I’m planning to build the HTPC a brand new case soon and also to redo my cooling solution – stay tuned.

Time: 16h

Money: 20€

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