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carbon-fever – 4- lights & electronics

Compared to most of the other mods out there, my light design can be described as „reduced“. No multi-colour bling, no large windows with flashing engravings and no… ok i think you got the point.

The light on the in- and outside is concentrated on thin (2,5mm) stripes or outlines. I use two colours, red and white, but only one at a time. The colours are changed either manually on the remote control or switch automatically to white when only the aux psu is powered up (and no rc). This comes quite handy on dark lan-parties, wiring everything up or workin on hardware.

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Watt is hier Sache?

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Selbermachen aus Prinzip, aus Spass oder einfach weil mans kann. Ganz grundsätzlich dreht sich hier alles rund um Elektrotechnik, Mechanik und wie man seine Basteleien hübsch verpackt (aka Design). Für die Naschkatzen gibts die Kategorie "Köstlichkeiten", selbstgemacht ist hier natürlich auch das Essen!


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