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news 23.10.2011

  • Bike – DIY Kohlerahmen

Wer sowieso schon den ganzen Tag in den Weightweenies-foren herumlungert wird es wohl schon kennne, das Plastikrad von Norbert. Nicht schön, aber es soll ja auch fahren … Für die mitlesenden Nerds mache ich mal auf  die elektronische Schaltung aufmerksam. Basis ist eine alte (7400?) Dura-Ace Gruppe.


  • hack – HamsterPower

Noch ein Theo Jansen rip-off. Im Unterschied zum Original aber nicht mit Wind- sondern Hamsterantrieb



rbt´s carbon-fever -5- impressions

No talkin anymore … just pix

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carbon-fever – 4- lights & electronics

Compared to most of the other mods out there, my light design can be described as „reduced“. No multi-colour bling, no large windows with flashing engravings and no… ok i think you got the point.

The light on the in- and outside is concentrated on thin (2,5mm) stripes or outlines. I use two colours, red and white, but only one at a time. The colours are changed either manually on the remote control or switch automatically to white when only the aux psu is powered up (and no rc). This comes quite handy on dark lan-parties, wiring everything up or workin on hardware.

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carbon-fever -3- exterior

After finishing the key features of the interior design i could turn back to my fibre parts. released from their molds, they still needed to get rid of unused fabric and of course to be fixed to the original case.

i first planed to attach the main parts directly to the case and the smaller gills using a central spine connected to the main parts. In the building process i changed my mind to gain more stability and modularity. Now the spine connects all fibre parts with the case. To keep the weight of the parts low i chose plywood as main material for the modules. Both, top- and frontsection, are mounted screwless with just two splints for each section.

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carbon-fever -2- interior

After the positive-molds were done i couldn’t work fulltime on the fibre stuff, so i used the time while molds and carbon were hardening for some work on the interior of my rig. Like on the outside the main guideline was „clean and simple“. An ordinary paintjob would have been a quite too simple task with unsatisfying results. To cover all the metal parts, styrene seemed to be a good choice. No molds, perfect surface and can be bend when heated.

3,5 and 0,75mm sheets,

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Selbermachen aus Prinzip, aus Spass oder einfach weil mans kann. Ganz grundsätzlich dreht sich hier alles rund um Elektrotechnik, Mechanik und wie man seine Basteleien hübsch verpackt (aka Design). Für die Naschkatzen gibts die Kategorie "Köstlichkeiten", selbstgemacht ist hier natürlich auch das Essen!


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